Public Administration Master Study Program Community Service Faculty Of Social Sciences And Political Science Diponegoro University

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June 5, 2023

On May 31 2023, the Lecturer Team from the Department of Public Administration – Public Administration Masters Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University, consisting of Dr.AP.Dra.Tri Yuniningsih,MSi, Prof.Dr.Endang Larasati,MS. Dr. Ida Hayu Dwimawanti, MM, carried out one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely Community Service activities with the topic “DIGITAL LITERACY” through the socialization of digital marketing and digital culture in the development of tourism in the tourist village of Lerep, Semarang district.

This activity was attended by PKK women, Karang Taruna youth and Lerep Village Tourism Activists. This is the first time this activity has been carried out as a form of collaboration between tertiary institutions/academicians and the Lerep Village Government, especially in efforts to develop tourist villages through Digital Literacy socialization. The purpose of this activity is intended to increase knowledge, insight, skills and behavior/attitudes of the community in using social media. The enthusiasm of the community to take part in this activity was very high as evidenced by the number of participants who were invited unexpectedly exceeding the target and their enthusiasm for participating in the activity really deserved a “thumbs up”. Apart from the participants from the community above, this activity was accompanied directly by the Lerep Village Secretary Mrs. Sri Lestari, in terms of This represents the village head who is on assignment to Jakarta.

In an effort to build digital literacy for the community, material was given about digital marketing and how to share content delivered by Reski Hidayati, SAP (Master of Public Administration Student), followed by Dr.AP.Dra.Tri Yuniningsih, MSi (MAP Lecturer) who delivered material on digital culture in tourism development. In addition, the service team from UNDIP also shared experiences and best practices in several community service activities that had been carried out in several assisted villages in developing and promoting tourism villages.

Lerep Tourism Village has actually implemented an innovative digital marketing strategy and presents an interesting tourist experience through several online platforms. This makes it possible to reach tourists from various regions, nationally and even internationally to be interested in attending the Lerep Tourism Village. However, there is still a lack of public understanding related to digital literacy, one of which is digital culture. So that through the delivery of material about digital culture, it is hoped that the community will become more literate or digitally literate. ( Yuni , 31052023 )