Vision Mision

Master Of Public Administration


To be an excellence educational, research and community service institution in the field of Administrative Science in the year of 2025.


  1. To organize the education that produces graduates who have the skills, ability and expertise in the field of administration.
  2. To carry out the research that produces publications in the field of administration.
  3. To devote to the community as an effort to implement and develop the science to improve the quality of life of the community.



  1. Increasing the quality and quantity of the research-based Master of Public Administration graduates who have competitiveness in the Southeast Asia level and are well-known internationally.
  2. Increasing the culture of the researching, as well as increasing the community service for the lecturers and students based on the technopreneur competencies.
  3. Increasing the cooperation with the external parties in the national or international scope in order to carry out the World Class University standards.
  4. Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the academic and administrative service management.