Special Skills

Master of Public Administration



Type: Academic/Profession/Vocation

Level: Master Degree


PK1. Able to develop (reconstruct) models, strategies, or innovations in the field of public policy and public governance with a variety of approaches, including legal, managerial and / or political approaches, at all levels of government.
PK2. Able to formulate public policy alternatives based on the principles of good governance by using various methods, such as scenario planning or dynamic system.
PK3. Able to plan a strategy implementation of a short-term public policy (in the form of programs, activities, and action plans).
PK4. Able to evaluate public policy based on information technology to find out the outcome and impact of a policy
PK5. Able to prepare change plan individually or collectively by using participatory impact analysis approaches to solve public problems such as public services and development administration in the form of project plan documents.
PK6. Able to develop research plans and conduct independent research activities or groups in the field of public administration using quantitative, qualitative or combination methods.
PK7. Able to lead and manage an activity in public policy implementation.