General Skills

Master of Public Administration



Type: Academic/Profession/Vocation

Level: Master Degree


PU1. Develop logical, critical, systematical and creative thinking through scientific research in the field of science and technology with paying attention and applying humanity values based on each expertise; compose scientific concepts and presents result of study which based on the principles, order and ethics of science principles; publish writing in a national level accredited scientific journal; acquire international recognition through scientific presentation or equivalent.
PU2. Able to validate an academic or study based on each expertise in solving problem in society or relevant industry through knowledge and skill development.
PU3. Able to compose ideas, result of thinking and scientific argument with responsibility and based on academic ethic as well as communicating it through a media towards the academic and wider society.
PU4. Able to identify the field of science of the object of research and positioned it into a research map developed through interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach.
PU5. Able to make a decision in the science and technology development problems solving context with taking into account and applying the humanity values based on analytical or experimental studies of information and data.
PU6. Able to maintain, develop and preserve the working network with colleague and partner in an institution and wider research community.
PU7. Able to increase the independent learning capacity.
PU8. Able to document, save and find back data of research in order to ensure the originality and prevent plagiarism.