Registration Procedures

  1. Participants should prepare certificate, transcripts and other files in pdf format
  2. Participants should create an account using email CLICK HERE
  3. Participants should fill in their personal data and upload the document in pdf format
  4. Participants should pay the registration fee using the BILLKEY / PAY CODE obtained while their online registration at the designated bank (Bank BNI, Bank BRI, Bank BTN, Bank Mandiri) CLICK HERE
  5. Participantsshould print out their exam cards
  6. Participants should take the exam as stated on the participant card


Exams Material

  1. Academic Potential Test (TPA),
  2. English Test
  3. Scientific Substance Test (in the form of an interview / written test for the study program)


Registration Calendar for Even Semester Batch 1

Online Registration : Februari 3rd – March 25th, 2021
Selection Test : March 28th,  2021
Announcement : April 5th, 2021

Registration Fee

  • Registration fee for Masters and Professionals program : Rp. 750,000, (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rupiah)


Payment Procedure

a. Through Bank Mandiri internet banking

  1. Log in to the Mandiri online application or access the website at with your Mandiri online user id and password.
  2. On the main menu select the BAYARmenu and then select the PENDIDIKAN menu
  3. In the DARI REKENINGfield, select your account that will be used for transactions
  4. In the PENYEDIA JASAfield select UNIVERSITAS DIPONEGORO – 10004
  5. In the NIMfield, fill in the Registration PIN
  6. Then click continue, the screen will display the amount to be paid
  7. Then include the (v) sign in the total payment
  8. If the data has been adjusted click Lanjutkan
  9. Enter the 6 digit of the Mandiri PIN (for transactions via the application) and the 6 digit of the Mandiri PIN obtained from the Mandiri PIN token then click KIRIM
  10. Wait for the response from the Mandiri Online system for the transaction status


b. Through Bank BNI internet banking:

1.Access the BNI Bank website at Select Internet Banking Personal, then input your User ID and Password.

    1. Choose Menu Transaksi
    2. Pembelian/Pembayaran
    3. Pembayaran Tagihan
    4. Biaya Pendidikan

2.The data entry as follows :

    1. Select a service type from the Tipe Layanan
    2. Select the name of the college in the Perguruan Tinggi
    3. Enter the invoice number obtained into the Nomor Tagihan
    4. Select the account number that will be used as the account number to be debited.
    5. Click Lanjutkan

3. A Confirmation Screen will appear.

    1. Enter the eight digit number that appears to the BNI e-secure
    2. Input the Nomor Responfrom BNI e-secure on the BNI Internet Banking application, then click pay.
    3. For a successful transaction, the Confirmation screen will appear as above.
    4. Next, save the payment slip by selecting the file format to be printed.
    5. Then click the icon to download the payment slip or by printing a page by clicking the printer icon as shown above.


c. Payment through ATM with the following steps:

  1. Choose Bayar / Beli menu
  2. Pendidikan
  3. Enter the UNDIP company code, which is 10004, then press Benar
  4. Enter the Registration PIN Number
  5. Press the Benarbutton
  6. The screen will display the amount to be paid, then press 1 if you want to make the payment
  7. To make the payment press Ya, to cancel payment press TIDAK
  8. Transaction has been completed. Payment slip will be automatically printed on the receipt. Please copy and save this receipt if needed in the future.

  1. Choose the ‘Pembayaran’ menu
  2. Select ‘Universitas’then select ‘Student Payment Center’
  3. Enter the institution code + PIN number as Billkey. Codes can be searched in Pencarian kode
  4. Click the ‘BENAR’
  5. The screen will display the identity and total payment.
  6. To perform the execution press ‘YA‘, to cancel press ‘TIDAK‘.
  7. Transaction has been completed. Check for the BNI payments

Payment via ATM can only be made for BNI and Mandiri Bank


d. Through BNI / BTN / Mandiri / BRI Bank Teller

Prospective participants can come to the BNI’46 / BTN / Mandiri / BRI bank teller to pay the UM registration fee. The payment does not need to use an account number. Prospective participants only need to mention the PIN NUMBER and explain that this is for the UM UNDIP registration fee. Don’t forget to ask for the payment slip from the bank officer.

Important Warning: Those who will pay through BRI can only go through the bank teller.
For futher information, please contact : Eti Istiana (081229528515)

For Online Registration, please click here